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Be My Eyes improves customer support for people who are blind and low-vision

Specialized Help is a new and better way for your company or organization to connect with blind and low-vision customers and provide them with improved, more accessible support.

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How Specialized Help works

Too many products, services, and websites are inaccessible for the 253M people who are blind or have a low level of vision. With Specialized Help, your customers can connect with you, have personalized assistance, resolve issues and handle tasks directly via video call.

Company Profile overview

‘Specialized Help’ option presents menu with available companies for the blind or low-vision user.

Company Profile overview

Blind or low-vision user requests assistance in the Be My Eyes app.

Call notification overview

Customer support agent picks up the call.

Call screen overview

Blind or low-vision user receives real-time visual assistance with the task at hand from a company representative.

Company Profile overview

Customizable Company Profile

Create a company profile with useful information for your customers such as opening hours, company description and supported languages. You can also set specific geographic availability and target the markets in which you operate.

Metrics overview

Get insights

Access important metrics of call success rates, average waiting times and customer feedback. By helping your customers you can gather actionable insight into your customer journey.

Key benefits

Improve customer support

Increase customer retention by providing tailored service and improving standards of accessibility.

Receive valuable customer feedback

Each Be My Eyes call is an opportunity for improvement. Increase your awareness of how well things work from an accessibility standpoint and find ways to improve or design more inclusive products and services.

Make your reach more inclusive

The blind and low-vision community has high standards of accessibility. Integrating these standards can improve your receptivity and expand your company or organization’s reach inclusively.

Strengthen your CSR strategy and brand image

Strengthen your brand image towards the blind and low-vision community by joining Be My Eyes’ Specialized Help. Being a part of the platform means taking an innovative step forward and is a chance for your company or organization to contribute to the social good.

Companies we work with

Microsoft logo
Be My Eyes provides a new and innovative way for our customers to get technical support. With a simple tap, customers can access the Disability Answer Desk from their phone to get the help they need with Microsoft products and services.
Neil Barnett – Director Disability Answer Desk, Microsoft
Neil Barnett Director Disability Answer Desk, Microsoft

Press release

Be My Eyes to offer tech support from Microsoft for customers that are blind or have low vision

Microsoft agents are available through Be My Eyes Specialized Help to users in Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and the United States offering assistance in English.

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user review

RNIB Tech Talk reviewing the Microsoft Customer Support on the Be My Eyes Specialized Help platform.

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