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Welcome to Be My Eyes! Whether or not you are already a part of our community of over 5 million volunteers, we want to welcome you as an official Be My Eyes Support Provider! Here are some things you need to know.

Be My Eyes mobile app is a free app (iOS + Android) that connects those who have vision impairments with supporters in over 150 countries and 180 languages. Users can also connect with a company expert for usability assistance — and that’s where you come in!

Whether you're providing support to consumers (Accessible Customer Service), internally (Be My Eyes for Work) or for an event (Be My Eyes Experiences), you'll be using our assistance software to answer calls and track your engagement on the platform.

Admin & Manager

Be My Eyes Manager app allows you to access important metrics of call success rates, average waiting times and customer feedback. Customize your company profile, manage your team and gather actionable insight into your customer journey.

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Be My Eyes Agent web app offers a simple way to receive video calls.

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If you are not a full-time call center agent, we recommend logging in as an agent via the Be My Eyes mobile app.

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