Be My Eyes for Work

An Accessibility Solution for Your Blind and Low-Vision Employees

Join the movement of companies around the world who are providing innovative and dynamic accommodations for visually impaired employees.


About Be My Eyes for Work

Be My Eyes for Work is an internal communications tool that makes the workplace more accessible for people (employees, students or other members of your organization) who are blind or have a low level of vision by connecting them to their sighted colleagues or support staff who solve company-related issues quickly and remotely over live video.

Employees can connect to a large or small group of colleagues with the press of a button through the Be My Eyes app, initiating a video-call with relevant contacts in HR, IT, programmatic staff or other departments to quickly solve tasks that require visual assistance.
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Everybody wins

Company Benefits

Attracts the sizeable talent pool of blind/low-vision adults looking for accessible workplaces.
Improves the inclusivity, accessibility and diversity of your company.
Reduces inefficiency by solving simple visual tasks quickly so that blind employees can remain productive and frustration-free.

Employee Benefits

Improves employee productivity, independence and job satisfaction.
Offers privacy and consultation for low-vision employees seeking help.
Ensures an equal opportunity for all employees to succeed.

How it works

A Company Profile Just for You

Build a custom profile for your organization on the Be My Eyes app that can be accessed exclusively by selected employees.
Select employees from relevant departments within your organization who will be answering calls (human resources, IT, etc.), as well as set hours for when calls can be received.
Sighted support employees may download the Be My Eyes app on their PCs or mobile device.
Blind or visually employees may download the Be My Eyes app on their mobile device and your support will populate automatically.
With the click of a button, users can video-chat with relevant support colleagues, creating instant connectivity and increased efficiency for employees who need visual accommodations.
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Be My Eyes for Work Adds Value
Throughout the Employment Lifecycle

Attract, retain, recruit and hire

Benefits and experiences include:

Partner with Be My Eyes for work and spread the word to stakeholders.
Blind/low-vision job-seekers apply to join your organization using Be My Eyes.
Newly-hired employees receive Be My Eyes profile
on Day-1, ensuring all their questions and needs are met.
Employee uses Be My Eyes regularly for daily work-related tasks, including downloading new software, health insurance enrollment, skills training.
Employee productivity, job satisfaction and success goes up.
Employee plans retirement with help of HR through the app.

Did you know?

Is the unemployment rate among working age adults in the US reporting significant vision loss.
Adults ages 16-75+ who reported to have a visual disability in the US.
People who are blind or visually-impaired worldwide.

Jump-start your support initiative with Be My Eyes

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Be My Eyes for Work

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Supported by:
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 873373.