Service AI

Empower your customer service with innovative AI-driven support for the blind and low-vision community via Be My Eyes app, boosting loyalty and reducing costs.
Service AI, part of the Accessible Customer Service suite, is an AI-powered front-end for accessible support, help and service desks.

Accessed through the Be My Eyes app, it is available to our community of blind and low-vision users for organizations looking to provide innovative and accessible customer experiences that dramatically boosts customer loyalty, and reduces the costs of providing accessible customer service desks. Typical resolution rates are greater than 90% and three times faster, all without human interaction.

Available through the Service Directory via subscription, Service AI provides a visual-AI image-to-text interpreter and a context-specific AI Chatbot. It can handle user requests, provide suggestions, and propose answers to issues based on image interpretation – typically several times faster than with human intervention. Escalation to an agent is available within Service AI at any time, if requested.
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