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Blog, May 23, 2023, Be My Eyes celebrates 500,000 people who are blind or have low vision joining the community!, Over 500,000 blind and low-vision people have now signed up to get visual assistance through Be My Eyes..
Blog, May 18, 2023, How to get Involved on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Global Accessibility Awareness Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about digital inclusion and accessibility. Here’s how you can get involved..
Blog, May 17, 2023, Sky Ireland officially joins Be My Eyes Specialized Help, Our community in Ireland can now reach out to a Sky Ireland representative to get real time video assistance with Sky Ireland products and services..
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Story: NLS: A world of reading at your fingertips, National Library Service, blind from US.
Story: The Night Roamer Initiating New Volunteers, Penny, blind from Columbus, NE, USA.
Story: A Spanish and English Teacher in Japan, Jose, volunteer from Tokyo, Japan.
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Listen to our three podcasts focusing on accessibility made by the Be My Eyes team.
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