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Blog, Jun 27, 2024, Calculating the Impact of Accessibility, Discover how accessibility can boost your business's reputation, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Download our free ebook to learn the key metrics and strategies for calculating the return on investment from accessible solutions..
Blog, Jun 25, 2024, How Stuart and Jackie use Be My Eyes to receive Accessible Visual Assistance from Sky, Discover the story of Stuart and Jackie, two Be My Eyes users who have contacted Sky on Service Directory to receive specialized assistance for a wide range of tasks.
Blog, Jun 11, 2024, How Accessibility Enhances KPIs, A Deep Dive into How Accessibility Improves Innovation, Brand Perception, Market Reach, and Risk Management.
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Connect with Be My Eyes users as they share their personal stories with Be My Eyes.
Story: Meet Brandy, the 500,000th sign up in the Be My Eyes app!, Brandy, blind from North Carolina.
Story: The Night Roamer Initiating New Volunteers, Penny, blind from Columbus, NE, USA.
Story: A Spanish and English Teacher in Japan, Jose, volunteer from Tokyo, Japan.
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Listen to our three podcasts focusing on accessibility made by the Be My Eyes team.
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