Accessible Customer Service

Make your customer service accessible

More than one percent of the population is blind or has low-vision, and they could be your customers.

But do you serve them well? What customer experience do they get?

Forward thinking organizations recognize that embracing accessibility is not only the right thing to do, but is a powerful competitive advantage too.

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Support customers and clients who need visual assistance

Assist your blind and low-vision customers quickly and at scale with personalized, accessible support.

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The accessible service challenge

Typical service and support centers are well-organized machines that handle most customer requests efficiently and effectively. But those same service centers often struggle with calls from customers with accessibility needs such as the blind or low-vision.

The result?
Frustrated customers, poor satisfaction levels, disillusioned staff, and in some cases even litigation.

The solution?
A dedicated suite of enabling products and tools that ensures the same high levels of customer experience is delivered to customers with accessibility needs, such as the blind or low-vision.

Be My Eyes provides just such a suite, with a range of products that can scale with the needs of the customer - from click-through access to your normal call-center, through to AI-powered virtual agents that can solve 90% or more of your customer requests, and sophisticated multi-channel solutions that includes real-time video support and routing to specialist teams of accessibility agents.
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Key Features

Easy-to-use and already in the pockets
of 360K+ blind and low-vision users worldwide.

Consumer-facing app

Customize your company profile.

Create a highly customized company profile to fit your needs. Info page, opening hours, profile descriptions, supported languages and geographic availability can be fully customized.
Two phones next to each other, one depicting company profile, the other Be My Eyes video call.

App for support agents

Direct, flexible connectivity.

Your support team can answer calls and support low-vision customers through live video.
Desktop computer depicting the Be My Eyes Agent web app interface with the call inbox screen. The phone next to the computer depicting Be My Eyes video call.

App for call center managers

Get insights and monitor key metrics.

Cloud-based web application software includes support management tools and administrative dashboard.

Access important metrics of call success rates, average waiting times and customer feedback. By helping your customers you can gather actionable insight into your customer journey.
Desktop computer depicting the Be My Eyes Manager web app interface with the dashboard screen.

Key benefits

Accessible support starts here

Reach higher levels of customer satisfaction

“The disability answer desk is a really great thing. It takes away the visual barrier that sometimes exists. Because it’s a free service, I’m really pleased that it augments the skills that I have. Everyone who is blind and has a smartphone should have it on their phone. I really applaud Microsoft for taking this step.”

David Bouchard, Be My Eyes user

Learn more about how Microsoft provides accessible support to customers with the help of Be My Eyes:

Microsoft Disability Answer Desk (DAD) Playbook

Serve visually impaired customers faster and more efficiently

"It’s been incredible to know we are connecting with the blind and low vision community on a daily basis. Not only do people love knowing they can reach us easily through the Be My Eyes app, but it's thrilling to see how much easier it is to support them via video."

Kyndra LoCoco, Accessibility Partner & Community Programs Manager, Google

Google integrated Be My Eyes into their disability support desk and saw an immediate impact. Overall, Be My Eyes accounted for:

of Google Disability Support's total call volume
shorter average handle time compared to phone
customer satisfaction rating

Learn more about how Google provides accessible support to customers with the help of Be My Eyes:

Google: Lessons Learned Building an Accessible Support Team

Boost your appeal within the sight loss community

“We wanted fast solution, so we’ve partnered up with Be My Eyes to give a quick accessibility link to blind women to our service.”

Sally Haworth, Careline Manager Clearblue
Clearblue logo

“It’s giving me, as a blind woman, autonomy over my own body. Freedom to get the answer that I want without having to ask someone else in my life.”

Lucy Edwards, YouTuber, BBC1’ presenter, Be My Eyes user
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