Podcasts are Back - With a New Surprise
Podcasts are Back - With a New Surprise

Podcasts are Back - With a New Surprise

Our podcasts The Be My Eyes Podcast and 13 Letters are back for new seasons together with the newest member of our podcast family: Say My Meme.
By Cecilie Skou Andersen, Communications Officer
Photo of a podcast microphone with other recording equipment in the background.

It’s been a while, but we’re finally back with the third season of the Be My Eyes Podcast and the second season of 13 Letters. We’re looking forward to discussing the topics of blindness and accessibility with interesting and knowledgeable guests.

We have a lot of exciting things on the podcast program this season. On The Be My Eyes Podcast, you can join our film club discussing the portrayal of blind individuals in movies, visit LEGO’s headquarter in Denmark, learn about how blind people skateboard and much more. On 13 Letters, you can look forward to conversations about accessibility at colleges and universities, accessibility overlays and indoor navigation to name a few. But we also have a surprise for you in the form of our brand new and entertaining podcast: Say My Meme!

Memes, memes, memes!

Say My Meme is a podcast all about, you guessed it, memes! You can’t deny that memes have become an important part of popular culture and online communities and conversations. But what do you do if you can’t see the meme but still want to take part in the conversation? You tune in to Say My Meme of course! Every week, Will Butler from Be My Eyes gets the best memes on the internet described by Scribely’s CEO and Founder Caroline Desrosiers. Scribely specializes in making alt texts and descriptions for images, so Caroline is a literal pro at making visual descriptions, and she helps Will and the listeners understand the wide variety of memes that can be found on the internet in a fun and engaging way. Say My Meme also publishes weekly minisodes of listener contributions where you can submit your description of your favorite meme. So whether you’re visually impaired and want to get a better understanding of memes, or you’re sighted and just love memes, Say My Meme is the podcast for you.

Cover art for our three podcasts: The Be My Eyes Podcast, 13 Letters and Say My Meme.

You can listen and subscribe to all three podcasts on your preferred podcast platform, or find all episodes on www.bemyeyes.com/podcasts. Have a great listen!