Eyemart Express Joins the Be My Eyes Community
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Eyemart Express Joins the Be My Eyes Community

Eyemart Express Joins the Be My Eyes Community

As the newest Be My Eyes Corporate Volunteering partner, Eyemart Express is taking a step further in improving people’s lives by helping them see better.
By Cecilie Skou Andersen, Communications Officer
Eyemart Express logo on a dark blue background.

You might know Eyemart Express as one of the largest providers of accessible and affordable prescription eyewear in the United States, and for the last 31 years, they have been dedicated to helping people see some of life’s greatest moments clearly. “Our founder, Dr. Doug Barnes, saw that prescription eyewear was expensive and cost prohibitive for many people who needed glasses to see clearly,” says Gianna Venturi, Eyemart Express’ Chief People Officer. “Eyemart Express was founded with a focus on value and convenience, providing an assortment of more than 2,000 frames for the whole family and an on-site lens lab that enabled same-day delivery.”

“Helping people and giving back to the communities that we serve are key pillars of our culture at Eyemart Express,” Venturi explains on why Eyemart Express wanted to engage their employees in a Corporate Volunteering program. “Our team works hard to help people see clearly every day, and the Be My Eyes partnership gives our team an opportunity to help with vision in a different way. The mobile app offers flexible volunteer opportunities for our team to help blind and low-vision people no matter where they are located.”

Not only can all of Eyemart Express’ employees now flexibly volunteer with Be My Eyes — but every call reminds the Eyemart team of the shared values that the company was founded on. “We are both focused on making clear vision more accessible and making a difference in people’s lives. At Eyemart Express, we accomplish this by helping the communities that we serve see clearly with high-quality and affordable prescription eyewear, and Be My Eyes does this by providing assistance through their app,” Venturi explains and continues, “We are excited to get our entire team involved and help those who are blind or have low vision with this partnership.” 

After kicking off our partnership on June 17th with teams from Alabama to California, it was clear that the Eyemart Express team was thrilled to share a new volunteer opportunity to encourage their collective team spirit. “We put people first at Eyemart Express,” says Venturi. “Volunteering with Be My Eyes enables us to help others beyond our stores and home office — we benefit and learn so much from interacting with other people. Helping others always evokes positive feelings, so it will be fun to share our volunteering experiences and see how many people we have collectively assisted with Be My Eyes over time.”

White text on dark blue background: “Be My Eyes Corporate Volunteering”, along with a logo of a hand holding a heart.

At Be My Eyes, we’re just as excited to have Eyemart Express join our cause as a Corporate Volunteering partner and make a difference for the blind and low-vision community! Does your organization want to walk in the footsteps of Eyemart Express and engage your employees in a shared cause through our Corporate Volunteering program? Or maybe even offer accessible customer support with our Specialized Help solution? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at solutions@bemyeyes.com to hear more about what we can offer your organization. Join our family of corporate partners, and see the world together!