New Feature: Easily share Specialized Help with Public Profile links
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New Feature: Easily share Specialized Help with Public Profile links

New Feature: Easily share Specialized Help with Public Profile links

Easily access or share Specialized Help profiles with the new public profiles.
By Will Butler, Chief Experience Officer
Microsoft’s profile in the Be My Eyes app on a mobile device and in a browser.

Specialized Help is a core part of what makes Be My Eyes unique, allowing blind and low vision users to call an expert from a company and receive live video support, in a seamless interaction that’s far easier than describing a visual issue over the phone, email, or chat.

Until now, our Specialized Help providers were only listed in the iOS and Android app, but this week we’re unveiling them to the world, with a new, shareable public-facing profile that allows you to spread the word about which products or services are providing video support to the blind and low vision community. This means that people who are yet to become a part of the Be My Eyes community are able to see what kind of services are offered by our Specialized Help partners through Be My Eyes. The links can also be utilized by the volunteers who, up until now, didn’t have access to our partners’ Specialized Help profiles, to share with someone who can find the service useful. When interacting with the public profile, the user will be redirected to the selected profile in the Be My Eyes app if downloaded on their device, or App Store or Google Play if not.

Mobile devices showing the Be My Eyes profiles of Rite Aid, Spotify, Google, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Accessible Pharmacy.

Below is a full list of public profiles, with links, where you can explore what services are being provided, their opening hours, languages and regions where service is available.

We encourage everyone to explore the new public profiles, send us feedback and course, share widely to spread the word and honor these organizations that have stepped up to provide the highest quality video support to the Be My Eyes community!

Companies and brands:

Nonprofit organizations: