Accessibility Is…
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Accessibility Is…

Accessibility Is…

Accessibility is something everyone will need at some point in their life. In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day we asked key figures and members of our community to define what accessibility means for them.
By Cecilie Skou Andersen, Communications Officer
Finger pressing key on a computer keyboard saying “accessibility”.

May 21st 2020 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, an occasion to spread awareness about accessibility, accessibility issues, and how accessibility can be improved. Global Accessibility Awareness Day and accessibility in general are always important, but this year maybe more than ever.

Video transcript

At Be My Eyes, we work every day to make the world more accessible, and the first step to that is to make companies, organizations and people aware of why it’s important to make accessibility and inclusion a priority. On the occasion of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we’ve teamed up with a whole gang of people from the blind and accessibility community to do just that. We asked them all to tell us what accessibility means to them by finishing the sentence “Accessibility is…” and sharing their thoughts. Accessibility means something different to all of them, but they all agree that it makes an important difference in both their own and others’ lives. It’s our hope that we have a future ahead of us where, companies, governments, institutions and individuals understand the importance of including everyone and making accessibility a priority.

In the video, you’ll hear from journalists, athletes, techies, students, advocates and everyone in between – all talking about why it is so important that we spread the word about accessibility to ensure that all of our products and experiences are designed to work for everyone.

What does accessibility mean to you? Share your thoughts with us by using #AccessibilityIs and help us spread awareness about the importance of accessibility and inclusion. Happy Global Accessibility Day!

Thank you to all the amazing participants who made this possible: