10 Ways to Use Be My Eyes for Colors
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10 Ways to Use Be My Eyes for Colors

10 Ways to Use Be My Eyes for Colors

Identifying colors is not just black and white, but more like fifty shades of grey, blue and pink! Luckily, there are many ways that the Be My Eyes volunteers can help you live a colorful life.
By Cecilie Skou Andersen, Communications Officer
Person taking colorful towels out of the washing machine.

Whether you are blind, have low vision or live with color blindness, identifying and distinguishing colors can be a challenge. Colors present themselves in a variety of ways in our daily lives, from our wardrobe to technology. The Be My Eyes volunteers are always happy to assist you with colors - in fact matching, distinguishing and identifying colors are some of the most popular uses of Be My Eyes.

Have you ever used Be My Eyes for colors? If not, here’s a list of 10 different ways to utilize Be My Eyes for colors, no matter what level of vision you have. And please let us know how you use Be My Eyes for colors!

  1. Checking if your outfit matches. Whether you have an important meeting or it’s just a regular day at the office, it’s nice to know that your outfit goes together. A Be My Eyes volunteer can check that your outfit is on point and that you’re not wearing any clashing colors.
  2. Reading colored lights on electronic devices. Are you having trouble with your internet connection? A volunteer can assist you in checking the color of the lights on your router or other electronic devices.
  3. Finding specific items in your wardrobe. What color is this tie? Is this my white or blue shirt? If you’re looking for a specific colored item in your closet, a volunteer can quickly help you identify the colors of different items.
  4. Reading pie charts or graphs. Pie charts or graphs that are divided into different colors can be difficult to read. Luckily a Be My Eyes volunteer is always there to assist.
  5. Sorting laundry. When sorting your laundry, a volunteer can assist you in separating your light colors from your darks.
  6. Makeup and beauty. From familiarizing yourself with your new eyeshadow palette to picking out the red nail polish, the world of makeup and beauty always presents you with an array of colors.
  7. Selecting decorations in the right color. Maybe you’re looking for decorations to fit a certain theme, or for decorations in your favorite color. A volunteer can help make sure your party decorations are perfect for the occasion.
  8. Matching socks. Tired of wearing mismatched socks? Let a Be My Eyes volunteer help you match your socks.
  9. Crafting. Crafting is a great and creative way to pass your time. If you’re working with colored materials, a Be My Eyes volunteer can help you get them sorted.
  10. In the Kitchen. Do you need help figuring out how rare your steak is? Or maybe you need some help picking out the ripest fruits from the store. A Be My Eyes volunteer is always ready to help when the color of an ingredient could make or break your next meal.