Clearblue now offers support with pregnancy and fertility tests through Be My Eyes
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Clearblue now offers support with pregnancy and fertility tests through Be My Eyes

Clearblue now offers support with pregnancy and fertility tests through Be My Eyes

Being in control of your own body and the information about it is an important issue for most people, but it’s something that has been out of reach for many blind and low-vision women and couples when taking a pregnancy or fertility test. Be My Eyes and Clearblue join forces to give them back control.
By Cecilie Skou Andersen, Communications Officer
Clearblue pregnancy test displaying the result "pregnant", together with the text "Now available on Be My Eyes". At the top of the image are the logos of Clearblue and Be My Eyes.

Taking a pregnancy or fertility test is an emotional experience, and the result is something you want to share on your own terms. As a blind or low-vision individual this can be difficult. Previously, the only solution was to ask someone else to read your result – meaning being reliant on another person’s interpretation, not being the first to know, and maybe having to hold back emotions for a more private time. Not ideal, at such a big moment in your life. Clearblue’s blind and low-vision customers told them that they wanted to be the first to know their test results, without judgment and in a safe space. With Be My Eyes, this is now possible.

For over 30 years, Clearblue, the world’s number 1 selling brand of pregnancy and ovulation tests*, has helped millions of women by delivering accurate and clear answers at life-changing moments. Whether trying to conceive or thinking you may already be pregnant, Clearblue has been a pioneer in providing innovative products which empower women in managing their reproductive life.

Through the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), Clearblue heard that blind and low-vision customers were struggling to access their pregnancy test results. Clearblue Customer Support Manager, Sally Haworth, says:

Women told us that they wanted to be in control of their reproductive health information. That they wanted to be the first to know and that they wanted to be able to access their results in private. We listened, and agree that this has been out of reach for too many, for too long. Clearblue has joined forces with Be My Eyes to give these consumers more control: To make sure blind and low-vision women and couples receive their results in a safe, private space with no judgment and with full support from Clearblue’s specialist Customer support advisors – just like any other woman.

Clearblue listened and has worked with us to find a quick solution. Blind and low-vision users worldwide can now access the Clearblue Careline through Be My Eyes, receiving their result immediately from a Clearblue Advisor. All advisors are specialists, with rigorous training. They will tell you your result right away – and then offer you an opportunity for any other questions.

Two smartphones behind each other. The back one shows Clearblue's profile on Be My Eyes's Specialized Help. The front one shows a Be My Eyes call, where the caller needs help reading the results of their Clearblue pregnancy test.

From developing the first one-step ovulation test in 1989 to launching the world’s first digital pregnancy test in 2003, Clearblue are always the first to innovate. Now, they are the first and only brand offering blind and low-vision customers the same support and access as all other users. The brand’s commitment to accessibility doesn’t end there, with improvements to their websites being a next step for the coming year.

Calling Clearblue using Be My Eyes is easy. Enter the Specialized Help menu from the home screen and select Clearblue from the list of partner companies. You will be connected immediately to a Clearblue Advisor, who will give you your result right away, ask you some qualifying questions (to be sure of your result) and give you the chance to ask anything you may want to. The service is anonymous and all advisors are highly trained.  

If you’re calling to access the results of your pregnancy test, Clearblue recommend using a digital test, which will show the results for a minimum of 24 hours. The Careline advisors can read line tests, but it is critical that they view the test within the first 10 minutes of you taking it, as the results won’t be valid after this time. The Clearblue Careline is ready to take your Be My Eyes call Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm BST. The Clearblue service is available globally, and they can currently support calls in English language.

If you have other requests for companies or organizations on becoming part of Specialized Help, please fill out our Specialized Help submission form, and we’ll do our best to include them on the platform.

* No. 1 selling brand in home pregnancy and fertility tests. Based on international sales compiled using independent market research data (data on file).