How to get assistance with Sony products on Be My Eyes!
How to get assistance with Sony products on Be My Eyes!

How to get assistance with Sony products on Be My Eyes!

Blind and low vision users based in Europe can get in contact with a Sony representative to receive real time video assistance through the Be My Eyes app about assistive tools or accessibility features within Sony’s products.
By Joe Weber, Manager, Accessibility Solutions
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Back in October, we joined forces with Sony Europe to make consumer electronics more accessible for blind and low vision individuals from Poland, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Italy and the Netherlands. It has now been a few months since the launch of our partnership and the feedback from our community has been amazing!

Sony is the first consumer electronics company on Be My Eyes Specialized Help, joining companies like Google, Microsoft, Spotify and many more in the quest to make the world a more accessible and inclusive place for people who are blind or have low vision. 

“We want to create a world without limitations, which means accessibility is a priority for us” says Michelle Ward, policy lead for Sony Europe. “Our next step is bringing video support for our customers for the very first time through our partnership with Be My Eyes. We are excited to partner with Be My Eyes on their journey to make the world a more accessible place for everyone”.

Blind and low vision users in Europe can connect to a Sony Europe representative to get real time video assistance with:

  • Accessibility features with Sony products
  • Setting up a new product of the Sony family
  • Getting access to a Sony service

Sony is available in 7 countries in Europe, Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm in your local timezone. It is possible to get assistance in your local language! Making a call through Specialized Help is simple: click on Specialized Help in the homepage of the app, select “technical” and click on Sony Europe to open their profile. From here, you can call Sony Europe and get connected with one of their agents within 20 seconds.

“When I came up with the idea for Be My Eyes ten years ago, my dream was to have a world where every person, regardless of level of vision, can live independently.” says Hans Jørgen Wiberg, founder of Be My Eyes. “Together with Sony Europe, we are continuing to make this dream a reality”.

Together, Sony Europe and Be My Eyes are proud of creating a safe environment where people who live with blindness and low vision can receive video assistance in a quick and simple way. If you have other requests for companies or institutions to become a part of Specialized Help, please fill out our Specialized Help submission form. If you are interested in having your company join the Be My Eyes family, you can contact our solution team and we’ll get back to you with a personalized solution for your needs.