Say My Meme, Request: Beauty Memes

Request: Beauty Memes

You may know Lucy Edwards for her YouTube channel. She's also a journalist and radio host living in the UK, and she has a request for the Say My Meme listeners! Email your beauty and social media-themed memes to hello@saymymeme.com. Do it for Lucy!

Episode Transcript

Lucy Edwards:

Hey Will, I'm absolutely loving the podcast. It's Lucy Edwards here. I have a request for memes to describe. I love beauty and I absolutely love social media. So is there any beauty-type make up memes or social media memes to do with TikTok out there that you guys can describe? I'd love to hear them.


Lucy Edwards is a blind YouTuber based in the UK, and it would make sense that she's looking for memes related to beauty, fashion and social media. We're putting it out to our listeners so that you can submit your favorite memes in this vein. Just email them as a voice memo to hello@saymymeme.com, and we will be back with more once we've met Lucy's request.