Say My Meme, Meme: Take Me Home, Mario

Meme: Take Me Home, Mario

Sometimes memes must be sung. On this episode, a listener named Violet gives us a sparkling rendition of the John Denver - Super Mario mashup: "Take Me Home, Rainbow Road."

Episode Transcript


It's dawn. The sun rises over the quiet dewy valley and from the tree tops, the meadows, the rivers, it begins. Country roads, let's to go. It's a me, Mario. Mushroom kingdom, mama Mia. Take me home, rainbow road. A surprise looking Mario stands with his arms out, dressed up like a cowboy, waiting to battle whatever lies ahead. Thank you.

Will Butler:

Violet is a therapist and Super Mario expert from LA and like Violet, you can get on this podcast by recording your favorite meme as a voice memo and sending it to hello@saymymeme.com.