Say My Meme, Meme: Some Pig

Meme: Some Pig

Back for her second meme, Violet describes a surprising – and perturbing – meme revival of Charlotte's Web.

Episode Transcript


So we're back at the farm. All of the little animals are gathered around a doorway and it's a wooden doorway with stone walls all around it, and at first one would think, "Oh, cute little barn animals. What's up? Oh, they look like the ones from Charlotte's Web." And in fact they are, there's the little pig from Charlotte's Web, there's even chickens, and a goose, but upon closer look they all look very perturbed, you know scowling even, and that's because in the doorway there is a spider web and in the middle of the spider web is the human centipede. Good night.


Violet is a therapist in Los Angeles and a repeat offender on the Say My Meme podcast. If you'd like to describe your favorite memes for our community, send them in a voice memo to hello@saymymeme.com.