The Aux Chord Cheeta meme described in the episode.
Say My Meme, Meme: Aux Cord Cheetah

Meme: Aux Cord Cheetah

In this listener submission, Ben describes a meme that perfectly encapsulates that feeling that you get when someone gives you the venerated post of road trip DJ. Submit your meme descriptions to hello@saymymeme.com to be featured on the show!

Episode Transcript


All right. This is a meme from the very popular Instagram account, grapejuiceboys. I don't know if they made it. They probably stole it, but it's kind of a wholesome and relatable but also absurd meme. So we have one image taken from the backseat of a medium-sized sedan. The image shows the driver, a middle-aged blonde woman, both hands on the steering wheel, relaxed and unbothered, facing the road. Next to her in the passenger seat is a medium-sized cheetah. The big cat is seated on its haunches with its upper body swiveled around towards the viewer in the back seat. The cheetah appears to be gazing anxiously at the passengers in the backseat. Its facial expression giving off an uneasy, desperate longing for validation and affirmation. The tagline, "Me checking if everyone is vibing with the song I put on."


The reason I liked this meme is because it's absurd that there's a large wild cat, just peacefully coexisting and riding shotgun with this woman who seems to be driving, totally unaware of the clear and present danger. And at the same time, this big cat, despite its outsize power to the humans in the car is all it just wants to know is if everyone's vibing out to the song it just put on. And we can all relate to that if you have been ever an anxious person and you've been handed or forced to take the aux cord in a car, and someone said, "You just put on something that we'll all like," and you say, "Shit. I have no idea what that means." And you have to put it on and then you have to wait maybe two or three minutes to see if people think you're cool and if they'll really like you and even if they should ever trust you again. So that's my meme.

Will Butler:

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