Byron Harden looking off to the side with his hands folded in front of him. He's wearing a white shirt, grey blazer and aviator sunglasses.
The Be My Eyes Podcast, Is the Music Industry Accessible?

Is the Music Industry Accessible?

Byron Harden has a mission: to teach as many blind people as possible to work in recording studios, produce music and edit audio like pros. Working in the music industry might seem like a natural for the visually impaired, but the truth is huge barriers still remain – and Byron runs the only school in the world that specializes in educating blind producers and engineers. When you say “blind,” we all have images of the piano playing, blues singing, street performing visually impaired person that define the stereotype of the blind musician. But unless audio technology and education catches up, blind people will be left out of the modern music industry. Get a full overview on today’s episode, and find out more at ISeeMusic.org.

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