The Be My Eyes Podcast, How Do You “Watch” Your Kids If You Can’t See Them?

How Do You “Watch” Your Kids If You Can’t See Them?

Stacy Cervenka joins Will and Julia from Lincoln, Nebraska for our second episode in a series about blind parenting. Stacy is not only an awesome mom, but is also the Director of Public Policy at the American Foundation for the Blind and the founder of the Blind Travelers Network, a community for blind people to submit accessibility reviews and discuss the ins and outs of blind travel. Taking your kids to swim lessons, the zoo, a museum and just making sure they don’t get into the kitchen cupboards – how do blind parents manage? Whether it’s tying tiny bells to your daughter’s shoes, pulling a stroller instead of pushing it, or a whole bunch of other strategies about how to improve your life as a blind parent, Stacy’s got it all.

Episode Transcript