Joe Strachay smiling slightly to the camera. His wearing a light blue, light brown striped shirt and holding his white cane.
The Be My Eyes Podcast, Hollywood's Go-to Blindness Consultant Has a Big New Show

Hollywood's Go-to Blindness Consultant Has a Big New Show

99% of the word can see, 1% can not –– but what if it were the other way around? That’s the premise of Apple’s first original fantasy TV series, “See,” which premiered in November on their new streaming video platform, TV+. In order to tell the story of a world that has evolved to live entirely without sight, they hired Joe Strechay –– a “blindness consultant” with a background in education – to teach the sighted cast and crew how to play the part with as much authenticity as possible. We talked with Joe about his personal journey to blindness, his early career, and how he found his way to Hollywood and eventually, as Associate Producer for this big-budget, Game of Thrones-style epic. He also gives his take on why there aren’t more blind actors in the show, and specific advice for how blind actors looking to get onto the show can go about contacting him.

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