Emilie Gossiaux standing outside smiling to the camera. She's wearing a green rain coat over a black sweater.
The Be My Eyes Podcast, Can Blind Artists Compete with Those Who Can See?

Can Blind Artists Compete with Those Who Can See?

Blind artists are often lauded for “continuing to work” despite their disability, but can they compete alongside artists who can see? Has a blind artist ever really “made it” in the art world? How about Claude Monet? Emilie Gossiaux rose to national attention when an Episode of Radiolab chronicled her story of overcoming adversity, but now she’s facing a much more complex challenge: of breaking into the contemporary art world as a totally blind sculptor, painter and visual artist. Emilie’s work is on display at Julius Caesar Gallery in Chicago through December 8, and she sat down with Will to talk about how museums can be better, why she loves tattoos and 3 crucial tips for describing art to a blind person.

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