Introducing Specialized Help
February 21, 2018

Introducing Specialized Help

Specialized Help allows companies to communicate directly with their customers and means a more accessible option for blind and low vision people.
Be My Eyes app with Specialized Help function
Be My Eyes app with Specialized Help function

Be My Eyes is a resource for blind and low vision folks to tackle visual challenges and handle a wide range of everyday tasks like cooking, finding lost items, catching the right bus, sorting through mail, organizing food labels, reading letters aloud, describing a painting and much more. Many of these calls are related with a specific product or service. Until today, Be My Eyes has only been able to connect blind and low vision users with a randomly-selected volunteer, but specialized assistance is sometimes necessary to tackle a challenges.

Be My Eyes has taken careful note of these kinds of calls and wondered if representatives from the given company itself would be best suited to assist in these scenarios. Contacting customer support through email or by phone isn’t always ideal. Direct communication with a business’s customer support agent could be a vision-friendly alternative and less time consuming for users. If someone from the company could see the issue in real time, issues with their products or service could be resolved more efficiently.

So we’ve strategized a way to better assist Be My Eyes users: enlisting the help of representatives from companies whose products you use all the time. It’s our sincere pleasure to introduce Specialized Help. This new feature means that a trained company representative is available to answer questions or help users tackle issues with speed and in-depth solutions, and as always, it’s completely free for our blind and low vision users. On the other side of the equation, Be My Eyes volunteers can help users get in touch with the best person to solve a problem and refer them to the Specialized Help page of the app.

The next Be My Eyes app update will add a second button to the main screen to take you to the Specialized Help Menu. Clicking “Specialized Help” leads to the list of companies with representatives available to answer your call and assist users through a live video connection. Each business profile will include descriptions of their services, hours of operation, and supported languages.

First Aboard the Specialized Help Platform: Microsoft

Microsoft is the first company joining our platform to offer Specialized Help and maintains their mission to empower every person on the planet to achieve more. Included in that mission is a program aimed at offering free technical support to the disability community – Microsoft Disability Answer Desk. Starting today, Microsoft agents will be available through Be My Eyes Specialized Help to users in Australia, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa and the United States offering assistance in English.

At the present moment, users can contact Microsoft through the platform but more companies from a variety of fields will join Specialized Help soon, per user and volunteer suggestions. Companies and organizations that are interested in being a part of this feature welcomed to contact Community Director Alexander Hauerslev Jensen at alexander@bemyeyes.com. For press inquiries, please refer to the same address. Be My Eyes is thrilled to launch this new addition to the app and hopes it will foster a better way to connect with businesses and organizations and provide greater accessibility.