Four icons depicting cognitive, mobility, vision, and hearing disabilities.

Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day with Be My Eyes

21 May, 2020
Restaurateur Christine Ha finishing the statement “Accessibility Is” with the “Watch On YouTube” graphic in the bottom left corner.

Accessibility is… Something for Everyone

From blind skateboarders to blind chefs, accessibility advocates to accessibility leaders, The the Be My Eyes community tells us what accessibility means to them – tell us what #AccessibilityIs to you!

Finger pressing key on a computer keyboard saying “accessibility”

Is Your Site Accessible? Find Out with #TestMySite

We teamed up with Accessibility Shield to employ our community for a new on-demand website testing service that anyone can use.

Two separate images of James Rath exploring a foreign city with his show title “Blind Abroad” in the middle of the image.

Watch James Rath’s New Documentary: Blind Abroad

A YouTuber and tech advocate, James brings new meaning to “See the world together.”

13 Letters Podcast graphic next to Global Accessibility Awareness Day founders, Jennison Asuncion and Joe Devon.

13 Letters Podcast: GAAD Co-founders Jennison Asuncion and Joe Devon

Listen to the co-founders of #GAAD talk about how the movement got started, and why this year is special.

An illustration of a customer support agent fielding a Be My Eyes call

June 25: What is Accessible Customer Support?

Learn from our partners at Google and Microsoft on their experiences providing accessibility support, and why it’s been such a huge success.

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