General FAQ

How can I change/add more languages?

Your primary language will automatically be set to the language that your phone is set to. If you speak more than one language, or you need to change your language, you can always change or add more languages in ‘Settings’.

How do you prevent misuse?

The app includes a rating system to prevent and sort out abuse. After each call, it is easy to evaluate your experience. In case of an issue, you can report if the problem was technical (poor video, audio quality, etc.) or if it was inappropriate behavior. If you experienced misuse or abuse from the other caller, please report it in the rating system immediately after the call. Your feedback is not shared with the other participant. To report the other user, please follow these steps:

  1. Rate your experience as ‘Problems’.
  2. Choose the option ‘Inappropriate behavior’.
  3. You will now be asked if you are sure that you want to report the other user - choose ‘Yes, report’.

We handle all abuse reports with close attention. Users who break our Terms of service will be blocked from the Be My Eyes community.

How can I help spread the word about Be My Eyes?

Be My Eyes is all about the community, so we really appreciate when our users help us spread the word. There’s a few things you can do. First of all, you can share your experience after finishing a call on Facebook and Twitter. Secondly, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram - we really appreciate, if you tag us or share our content.

If you are a journalist wanting to cover Be My Eyes, please visit our Press page for more information.

How do I delete my account?

You can’t delete your account in the app. If you want to delete your account, please email us at

Blind FAQ

What is Specialized Help?

Specialized Help is a customer support platform within Be My Eyes. Instead of connecting to a volunteer, you can connect to a partner company through Specialized Help, and an official company representative can assist you with questions regarding their products or services. The company representative will have access to your camera feed, just like a regular Be My Eyes call, and they can provide you with visual assistance combined with expert knowledge within the field.

Which companies can I call through Specialized Help?

As of now, you can contact Microsoft Disability Answer Desk, Google Disability Support, Herbal Essences, Clearblue, Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and Be My Eyes Technical Support. We are currently working on getting more companies onboard the platform. If you have suggestions for companies that you would like to seek assistance from, please fill out our Specialized Help request form, and we'll do our best to include them on the platform. Please note that some companies are only available in selected regions.

The app says I have to wait for a volunteer, what should I do?

If you receive the message ‘Waiting for first available volunteer’, it should not take longer than a minute to get connected. If it takes more than a minute, please re-connect and try again. Sometimes system errors occur, because several volunteers might try to answer the call at the same time. Please make sure that you have a steady internet connection, as the app requires some bandwidth to function properly.

How much can I use Be My Eyes?

There is no limit on how many calls you can make. You can make as many calls as you wish, and the service will always be free! Due to our large community of amazing volunteers, many volunteers are still eagerly awaiting their first call - so don’t hesitate!

Are there limits to the length of my calls?

There is no limit on how long a call can be, but it would be a nice gesture to let the volunteer know if you have a task that you think may take a long time. Most volunteers are willing to accommodate any request, but since they receive calls as they go about their daily lives, it never hurts to ask. Remember that you can always call another volunteer to help solve the issue, in case your first match has to go. Some blind or low-vision users opt to split longer tasks into smaller sections and use different volunteers for each section.

Can I ask for help in the middle of the night?

Yes, you may request help at any time of the day or night. We match based on language and time zone - meaning we only contact volunteers during their daytime hours. For example, if you speak English, are based in the US, and need assistance in the middle of the night, we will connect you to an English-speaking volunteer in Australia, for example, where it is daytime. Our volunteer network is so large that no matter when you call, it is almost certain that there is a volunteer who speaks your language, for whom it is daytime. Please note that companies on the Specialized Help platform might have different opening hours.

How long does it take to get help?

Due to our huge network of volunteers and our unique matching technology, we are now able to match over 90% of calls within 30 seconds. If your request is not answered within a minute, we recommend you to hang up and try again.

Can I use Be My Eyes without WiFi?

Yes. Be My Eyes works over any viable network connection. If you are not on a WiFi connection, when you make a Be My Eyes call, you will automatically use your 3g, 4g or LTE data.

Will the volunteer speak my language?

Yes. Be My Eyes connects you with volunteers based on your primary language. If your primary language is set to English, then we will only connect you to English-speaking volunteers. Nevertheless, you still have the option to request assistance in more than 180 languages. If you speak more than one language, you can add additional languages in ‘Settings’. In the rare case that there’s no available volunteers speaking your primary language, we will try to connect you to a volunteer speaking your secondary language.

Will the volunteer know my name or personal information?

Be My Eyes is designed to be anonymous, so the volunteer will never be given your phone number, name, address, email, location, or any other personal information. The volunteer will simply receive a push notification that a Be My Eyes user is requesting help and accept the call, if he/she is available. You can choose to introduce yourself, but it is completely up to you and what you are comfortable with. The same goes the other way around - you will not receive any personal information about the volunteers, unless they choose to introduce themselves to you.

Is Be My Eyes free?

Yes, the Be My Eyes service is free, no matter how much you use it.

In what circumstances should I NOT use Be My Eyes?

Please keep in mind that the generous helpers in the Be My Eyes network are volunteers, and we cannot guarantee the quality of their help nor take responsibility for their actions. You may under no circumstances share any unlawful, nude, hateful or sexually suggestive content via this service, and you should never display any items containing personal information such as credit cards, passports, envelopes that list your address, etc.

Please do not use Be My Eyes in situations that may cause danger to yourself or people around you. We recommend that you take these simple precautions for the best possible experience with Be My Eyes, and please report any cases of app misuse or abuse that you encounter, by reporting it in the app immediately after the call.

The following are situations where Be My Eyes is NOT to be used:

  • Displaying identification documents like passport, driver’s license or other government-issued ID card
  • Sharing credit card, bank/checking account, insurance or other financial information
  • Sharing mail that displays your personal address
  • Sharing your social security number or other government identification number
  • Sharing information about medicine or health-related conditions
  • Bullying or practical jokes
  • Sharing nude, unlawful, hateful or sexually suggestive content

We appreciate your cooperation in making Be My Eyes a source of support, kindness, and empowerment for all of our users.

How can I share my story or testimonial?

Community Stories feature personal stories from our members that go beyond visual assistance and to the heart of what makes Be My Eyes so special – the human connection. Stories from volunteers, blind and low-vision users, demonstrate the positive social impact of Be My Eyes in their daily lives.

We'd love to hear about your experience with the app. Every other week we feature personal stories from our community, both from volunteers and blind users directly in the app and on our website. For a chance to be featured, please send us an email at We read through responses on a weekly basis and will get back to you if we have further questions or if we wish to publish your story.

Community Stories are currently only available in English.

Volunteer FAQ

How do visually impaired people use a smartphone?

Smartphones have an accessibility feature called VoiceOver on iPhones and TalkBack on Android devices. This feature enables visually impaired people to use a smartphone with a synthetic speech and touch-based interface.

When I receive a request for help, what should I do?

When you receive a request, it will appear as a ringtone and a notification. If you want to answer the call, tap the notification, if your phone is unlocked, or swipe it to the right, if your phone is locked. You will now get connected to the blind or low-vision user. Help the blind or low-vision user by guiding them through, what you see from their camera.

Why have I not gotten a request for help yet?

We are quite overwhelmed by the number of volunteers, who want to help. Currently, there are more than fifteen times the amount volunteers than blind and low-vision users. The app is set in a way that all calls are connected at random. When a blind or low-vision person requests assistance, we send out a notification to several volunteers (usually 10) - the first one who is available and answers the call will be connected. Thanks to this system, the waiting time for the blind and low-vision users to get connected is currently under 30 seconds. Short waiting time is a game changer for our blind and low-vision users.

All we can ask for is your patience, we hope you will catch a call quite soon. In the meantime you can help spread the word about Be My Eyes in your local community, so we can welcome more blind and low-vision users.

Can I change my availability time?

At the present moment, you cannot change your availability time. If you’re concerned about receiving calls in the middle of the night, don’t worry. The standard settings only allow you to receive calls between 8am and 9pm (08:00-21:00) in your local time zone by default. If you are busy or unable to answer the call, it will automatically be redirected to another volunteer.

Do I need to have the app open in order to receive a call?

You don’t need to have the app open or running in the background to receive calls. As long as you are logged in, you are able to receive calls in your daytime hours.

Are there other ways I can contribute as volunteer?

Besides being a sighted volunteer, you can help us out with the translations of the app in Crowdin. You can help out by translating non-existing languages or validating existing languages. We really appreciate all the help we can get!