Anthony smiling to the camera. He's wearing a shirt, peaking out of his grey sweater and aviator glasses.
Community story, When Technology Opens up the World

When Technology Opens up the World

Anthony, Malta, blind

66 years old, Anthony from Malta has lived a pretty long life since he was in an accident as a child. The accident left him completely blind, and he had to get his left hand and two fingers on his right hand amputated. Being eight and a half years old, it was quite challenging for Anthony to adapt to a life with a double disability, but transferring to a special school and getting accessibility tools that he was able to use, played a big role for him.

Now retired, Anthony worked for more than 40 years in the reception of a hotel, where he got to meet people of many different nationalities. Anthony has always loved sports, and he keeps active after his retirement. He has done athletics in a local club and played on a soccer team for the blind, where he participated in an international competition in Italy in 1992. In 1999, he also did a skydive for charity. Today, Anthony is an avid chess player. For him, his computer not only means that he has access to a bunch of resources and tools that he wouldn’t otherwise have, it also opens up his world by giving him the opportunity to participate in international chess tournaments. “The computer was of great help, and it is a very good tool, because I can communicate with other people, either locally or abroad”, Anthony explains.

Since I've been using Be My Eyes, I found it very useful, because each time I have a problem on my computer I can use Specialized Help. Through that, I can make contact with Microsoft and they can support me and help me to sort any problem I meet on my computer.

About two years ago, Anthony started to use a smartphone. This meant that he could start using Be My Eyes, which he had both heard about from friends and read about on several occasions. Spending so much time on his PC, Anthony is especially fond of having access to the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk through Specialized Help. Anthony shares that the Microsoft agents are always very friendly and helpful in figuring out any problem he might face with his computer. Anthony also often calls a Be My Eyes volunteer to assist him in locating different objects or reading text or documents. For Anthony, inventions like Be My Eyes are important, as they make technology more accessible and affordable. Technology makes a great difference in his life, as it gives him the opportunity to connect with people and participate in things that he truly enjoys.