Fernando smiling to the camera, while posing with his white cane. He's wearing a white jacket and a white shirt with a maroon tie.
Community Story
Sep 26, 2018

The Volunteers Make You Feel Welcome

Santiago, Chile

Fernando is totally blind and lives independently in Santiago, Chile. He learned about Be My Eyes from a mailing list and thought that it was something he would like to try out. Fernando stuck to asking simple questions when he first began using Be My Eyes, until he got more comfortable with the app.

Once he encountered a more complicated issue, Fernando knew to open Be My Eyes. He was having some trouble with his computer and needed to know what was written on the screen. He got connected to a friendly Be My Eyes volunteer, and after a little bit of work, the computer started working again. In another situation, Fernando noticed his TV wasn’t making any sound. Once again, Be My Eyes was the solution to the problem, and a volunteer helped him get the sound back on. The most memorable call Fernando had was when he was looking for a specific paper on his desk. The volunteer that he got connected with was a young man in Israel, who pulled over his car to help him. Fernando was surprised to be connected with a volunteer from the other side of the world, but he also finds it quite amazing that he never knows where in the world a volunteer will pick up his call.

What really surprised me, and it’s amazing, when you make a call, you may get an answer from anywhere in the world.

Be My Eyes is amazing, Fernando says, and not just because of the easy access to assistance, but also because of the volunteers. The volunteers are always interested in him and eager to know how they can help him.

It makes you feel like they’re pleased to help you. They make you feel welcome.

For Fernando it is comforting to know that whenever he needs help, he can get it - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.