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São Paulo, Brazil

Something Money Can't Buy

Fabio standing outside, smiling to the camera. He's wearing a dark grey tshirt and a backpack.

Being a young Engineering Professor, Fabio is naturally very interested and enthusiastic about technology, and he loves to try out new apps to find out how they work. He’s especially fond of apps that make things easier for people, but Be My Eyes was on a whole new level for him.

I appreciate apps that use technology to make things easier, but when I saw Be My Eyes, I thought: ‘Oh my god, that’s it. That’s the real deal to help people’. So, I was very amazed about the idea.

Fabio’s first experience helping through Be My Eyes turned out very well. The call was short, and it was easy for him to answer and help out the caller. Since then, he has, among other things, helped a woman pick out a red sweater, and described the weather for a guy, who was unsure if he should take an umbrella or not. A call that stands out to him, was when he was connected to a blind user who was experiencing computer issues. The computer was showing an error message that was inaccessible with the screen reader. Thanks to Fabio’s immense technological knowledge, he was able to guide the user to fix the problem that turned out to be rather complex.

Just to have the feeling to really help someone, it was really gratifying. I’m super honored to be able to help. All the times I’m able to help someone, it was a really really nice sensation.

Whether it’s through the Be My Eyes app or other circumstances, Fabio always enjoys the opportunity to help. The ‘thank you’ he receives from the people he helps is hard to compare.

When a person is really grateful for something, it’s something that money can’t buy.