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Moscow, Russia

One Step Away from Making the World Better

Male wearing checkered shirt using an iPhone.

A year and a half ago, Rodion stumbled across Be My Eyes by chance while surfing the web. He decided to download it and hasn't regretted the decision. Rodion enjoys how the app makes helping others simple and easy.

Rodion has teamed up with users on the app to tackle everything from reading documents to finding the pedestrian crosswalk. Recently, he helped a woman convert a PDF file into the Word format, so she could download it to her phone and use VoiceOver to read it later. It was a difficult task, but together they managed to figure it out.

Be My Eyes calls are generally quick interactions. How much of an impact can a few minutes of your time and a little assistance have? To Rodion, if spending no more than two minutes here and there can make a difference, there’s no question about participating on the app.

Simply because we’re all people, human beings. So why not help your neighbors, when they need assistance? [...] You’re just one step away from making the world better.