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Community story, Not Just A Tool

Not Just A Tool

Julia, Florida, United States, blind

Julia had been hesitant about using Be My Eyes, and she had the app on her phone for about a year, before she actually started using it. A friend from Israel, who works with blind and low vision individuals gave her the final push to try out Be My Eyes. When she finally started using Be My Eyes, she understood that there was nothing to be hesitant about.

Her first attempt at using Be My Eyes was in her kitchen - she was unsure, whether her chicken was done or not. She therefore pulled out Be My Eyes, and the friendly volunteers on the other end helped her determine that her chicken was, in fact, done.

It was just amazing that someone from the other side of the world could be in my kitchen and help me with something.

Another situation, where Be My Eyes comes in handy for Julia, is when she’s gardening. For example, the Be My Eyes volunteers has helped her realize that what she thought was bugs on her plants, was just dirt. Julia lives by herself, and she finds it very liberating that she can use Be My Eyes, whenever she needs assistance, and that she doesn’t have to wait, until a friend comes over. Now, her friends doesn’t have to assist her with these tasks, and Julia and her friends can now indulge in each other’s company, when they visit.