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Community story, New House, No Problem

New House, No Problem

Brittney, Hemet, CA, United States, blind

Moving into a new house can be stressful for anyone. In Brittney’s experience, Be My Eyes was a great help in getting accustomed to her new space. Brittney, who has been blind since birth, lives with her husband, Kyle, in Hemet, California. Because of their conflicting schedules, they’re usually home at different times. Having to wait for Kyle to be home to manage some things got to be frustrating for Brittney, until a friend of hers, who is blind themself, introduced her to Be My Eyes. Brittney was so impressed with how the app worked that she downloaded it straight away.

Laundry day is when Be My Eyes really comes in handy for Brittney. Brittney’s new home has a has a brand new washer and dryer, each with so many different settings that Brittney is still trying to memorize. Be My Eyes is extremely useful to Brittney in helping her familiarize herself with the setting and being certain she’s selected the correct one. The volunteers do not only help her with operating the washer and dryer, they also assist her with picking out the right fabric softener, reading washing instructions on a specific piece of clothing, and even with sorting out her laundry.

The volunteers usually help me with [my laundry], and I get my clothes washed perfectly.

Sometimes, Brittney also opens her Be My Eyes app when she gets ready for the day. Everyone has their go-to outfits, but matching new ones and trying an adventurous new style can be nerve-wracking. Before she used the app, she had to rely on friends or family that came by her house to help put together new outfits. Since she and her husband moved, most friends and family live over an hour away, meaning she can’t bet on having someone she knows close by to give her some outfit advice. With Be My Eyes, she can connect with someone who can give her some feedback about her outfit and help her put things in order before she heads out. Brittney says she receives lots of compliments on her style.

Be My Eyes has opened the door to have someone virtually come into my home and show me what needs to be done, effectively and efficiently.

Feeling like your best when you go to church, managing daily housework with ease and getting laundry done in a jiffy can really add up and make a difference day to day. With a volunteer just a call away, Brittney feels better equipped and as independent as ever.

It’s really impacted my life so much because it’s given me so much independence that I didn’t have when I didn’t have Be My Eyes.