Brick columns line a sunlit campus walkway.
Community Story
Mar 5, 2018

New Campus, New Game Plan

Michigan, United States

When Shaun had to navigate his campus on his own, after only being there a few times, he didn’t want people around him to think of him as the blind guy, who they felt obligated to help. He is used to people grabbing him by the arm to guide him, and he always has to correct them on the proper way to assist him. But this time, he wanted to find his way without assistance from a stranger passing by.

I wanted to do something on my own, with just a simple non-visible pair of eyes - I wanted that feeling of independence.

Instead of getting assistance from someone around him, he pulled out Be My Eyes. He got connected to a friendly volunteer, who helped him navigate to the front door of the building and get him to the right place.

Shaun felt on top of himself, after being able to navigate through the campus without any physical assistance, just using the non-visible eyes that is Be My Eyes. This was not something, he had been able to do before.

After using this app, I just sat down, and I realized that I felt a true sense of independence. It was a truly groundbreaking moment for me.