A black and white photo of Jon. He's sitting in a bar wearing a dark shirt.
Community Story
Oct 24, 2018

It’s a Really Wonderful Time We Live in

Hollywood, CA, USA

Jon works as a screenwriter in Hollywood and is one of the many amazing Be My Eyes volunteers. Being a Be My Eyes volunteer has given him a wider perspective of life, and of all the things we take for granted.

Jon has now been connected with more than 10 Be My Eyes users and has helped with everything from reading prescription bottles to reading out an entire table of content from a book. But one particular call, even though the task was quite simple, made a great impact on him. An elderly lady, who was alone in her house, called him up. She was in the middle of making herself a cup of tea, but didn’t know if the milk in her fridge was still good. Very easily, Jon was able to read her the expiration date. The simplicity of the task gave Jon a wider perspective of life and the things we take for granted:

Being able to help people that have compromised vision or no vision at all, it really touches something deep inside of you, of how little we really appreciate what we have in life.

Being a Be My Eyes volunteer has been very rewarding for Jon, as he gets the chance to help a total stranger, and that he has the ability to do something so simple, which might change somebody’s life that day.

I’m really happy that I came upon the Be My Eyes app. I think it’s a really wonderful time we live in.