Photo of Sarai smiling to the camera. She's wearing a black blouse and big gold earrings in the shape of abstract faces.
Community story, How to Keep Busy During the Pandemic

How to Keep Busy During the Pandemic

Sarai, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, volunteer

For people all over the world, the pandemic and lockdowns have meant that they haven’t been able to participate in their regular activities. For Sarai, this was a radical change. The young Puerto Rican describes herself as ‘very hyper’ and is usually always involved in as many things as possible, whether it be involved in campus activities or doing sports.

At the moment, Sarai is in Indiana, where she is a third year biology student with the hopes of one day becoming a doctor. Over the summer of 2020, however, Sarai was at home in Puerto Rico faced with similar COVID restrictions faced worldwide. “I just can't stay doing nothing”, Sarai says. “So, I was researching about what things I could do virtually, and I was looking for volunteering opportunities, and that's where I found Be My Eyes.” Be My Eyes was one among several organizations that Sarai found while doing her research, but the app stood out to her as she was able to identify with what the community stands for, and it provided a volunteer opportunity that fit perfectly into her life. “Little did I know that it was going to be such a big thing for me, and that it would be such a learning and impactful opportunity, not only for me, but for all the people that need help and that are in the app”, she explains.

Be My Eyes has literally changed my life. The only thing I say I regret is not learning about this app sooner, because I love it.

Since signing up, Sarai has been able to assist multiple people through the app. Her most memorable experience was when she was able to assist a woman in matching her face mask to her outfit before going out. Sarai and the woman instantly connected over the common goal, and they talked about the woman’s dress, face mask, her plans for the night, and that they were both from Puerto Rico. “I was able to connect with her even though I was in the States, and I was able to help her to just do that task that she really needed me to help her with. So I was really grateful that I was able to help her through Be My Eyes”, Sarai says.

For Sarai, Be My Eyes is not just about the simple thing of assisting someone who is blind or has low vision with completing daily tasks. It’s about making an impact and a change in people’s lives - as Be My Eyes has for her. “I love the opportunity to be able to help, to be able to make an impact like I said, to be able to just be there for people that need someone like me, someone like you, to be there and help them with that task”, she explains with the hope of continuous growth for this impactful community.