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From Texas to India: When You “Call Google”, Who Answers?

Lisa looking at the camera. She's wearing glasses and has purple hair.

The idea of “calling Google” might be new to some people – but thanks to a new partnership launched in March 2019, Be My Eyes users can now establish a video link with a Google accessibility expert in seconds.

“Answering calls on Be My Eyes is my priority,” says Lisa, a Google support agent based in Texas. Whether it’s a Chromecast, a Gmail account or a YouTube question – the Google Disability Support team is just a tap away through Be My Eyes Specialized Help. When calling the Google Disability Support team, you’ll be connected to Lisa or one of her colleagues who are ready to assist with questions about assistive technology and accessibility features within Google products.

We come to work each day, committed to helping make all of Google’s products usable by as many people as possible.

“Each work day is different and unique. I can get calls from anywhere in the world, from Texas to India. The calls can be about anything from ‘How do I set up TalkBack?’ to ‘How do I get on the internet?’”, Lisa shares. Since Google joined the Specialized Help platform, most of Lisa’s time is now spent answering calls through Be My Eyes or answering follow-up questions from Be My Eyes calls. Even though Be My Eyes counts for most of Lisa’s time, she still supports customers through chat, email and phone.

Everyday, Lisa experiences how Be My Eyes is useful when talking with customers who are blind or low-vision. “It’s a less technical way to contact us, while providing my team with an additional tool to troubleshoot with. The video call gives us a personal way to connect, and a friendly conversation is always helpful when gathering more details”, she explains. Lisa’s days rarely look the same. One day she can be helping out a caller set up a smartwatch, and the next helping a customer connect her phone with a wireless keyboard or guiding the caller through ways to navigate YouTube.

It’s been really heartwarming to hear multiple callers express their excitement to whoever is in the room with them or even just to themselves about how awesome, cool and wonderful this service is as the call is ending.

Be My Eyes users worldwide can request help in English from the Google Disability Support team Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM PT.