Hans-Peter sits at a dinner table dressed in a white tabled cloth and a vase of red flowers.
Community Story
Mar 5, 2018

Certainty and Security

Zürich, Switzerland

Hans-Peter is from Zürich, Switzerland. He has only used Be My Eyes four times, but each call has made a big difference for him.

Hans-Peter’s first time using Be My Eyes was to make out the color of a wine. The woman he got in touch with was friendly, but she didn’t know much about wine. The volunteer handed the phone to her son, who, according to Hans-Peter, was a true wine expert! The next time Hans-Peter turned to Be My Eyes, was to reorder some spices online. He couldn’t remember the brand or the exact names of the spice mixes, which made it a bit difficult to order the same ones. A Be My Eyes volunteer stepped in to read the names and brand, so he could place his order. When Hans-Peter needed to install a new modem, he asked a Be My Eyes volunteer to read him a long device code aloud. Most recently, Hans-Peter used Be My Eyes when he received an invitation from a physician. The date and time was handwritten and impossible for him to make out in any way. But the volunteer that picked up Hans-Peter’s call was able to decipher the handwriting and let him know when his appointment was.  

Hans-Peter finds it comforting to know that whenever he needs assistance, day or night, he can always use Be My Eyes.

The Be My Eyes app has changed my life in the way that now I really have certainty, I have a security.

All the volunteers he has been in contact with, has been very helpful, and he is very grateful for the help he has received. Although Hans-Peter has only used Be My Eyes a few times, he is incredibly happy to have the option.