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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Be My Eyes Never Fails to Make My Day a Little Better

Faye looking at the camera smiling, wearing a black t-shirt with white print.

Faye is from Saudi Arabia and studies biomedical engineering. She has been a Be My Eyes volunteer almost since the beginning and helps out in both Arabic and English. One of Faye’s friends told her about Be My Eyes, and she immediately signed up as a volunteer.

Faye has assisted Be My Eyes users with many different tasks. She has, for example, helped a user count his money and assisted another user in picking out a shirt to wear. Her favorite call was when she helped a user read some of his bills. This call stands out to Faye, because the user she connected with told her how happy he was to have volunteers give him a hand with his daily tasks.

Being bilingual has been an advantage for Be My Eyes volunteers like Faye. The experience has given Faye the opportunity to connect with people from other cultures and backgrounds: a chance to learn something new. Sometimes Faye is introduced to a different cultural perspective, other times she learns more about countries that she hadn’t known much about before. Blind and low vision users are not the only ones enjoying Be My Eyes. Faye shares,

Helping through Be My Eyes never fails to make my day a little better. Knowing that I contributed in someone else’s daily life in a positive way brings me great joy.