A yellow blanket folded over the armrest of a grey couch.
Community Story
Mar 14, 2019

A Special Connection

Tasmania, Australia

Adelle was recently introduced to Be My Eyes by a fellow blind friend, but after starting to use Be My Eyes, she learned that another friend has signed up to be a sighted volunteer. Knowing this, she already felt the app had made a world of difference in her life.

I haven’t been connected to her through Be My Eyes yet, but just to find out that I know her and that I might connect with her some time is pretty special to me.

Be My Eyes proves to be extremely helpful for Adelle, when she’s looking for things around the house. Recently, a blanket fell off a chair, and Adelle was wandering around the lounge room for ages looking for the blanket, but with no luck. Instead, she decided to call up a Be My Eyes volunteer who, within seconds, had located the lost blanket.

Sometimes, Adelle experiences problems with her NBN Modem, and she has to reset it. As she can’t see the lights in the modem herself, she often seeks assistance from Be My Eyes volunteers to help her determine when the lights have come back on. However, the lights in the modem are not the only issue she has when resetting the modem. The modem is placed in a room, where Adelle rarely goes, and it can therefore impose a challenge to navigate in and out of the room. But again, the Be My Eyes volunteers come to her rescue to direct her when she gets lost.

All of Adelle’s experiences with the Be My Eyes volunteers have been extremely positive. She loves that she can ask the volunteers for help with anything, no matter how strange she thinks it is, without feeling any judgement. Be My Eyes also gives her a bigger sense of independence, as she doesn’t have to wait for someone sighted to be around to accomplish her tasks.

It’s great to know that I’ve got basically someone around when I’m in trouble, when I’ve got something that I’m having trouble with and I need sighted help with.