Doua wear glasses and smiles down towards the camera beneath a canopy of multicolored umbrellas.
Community Story
Mar 26, 2018

A Natural Instinct to Help

United Arab Emirates

As both a mother and a professional, Doua has a busy schedule. But being able to help other people is important to her, it’s even part of her job as a consultant. That’s why she loves Be My Eyes - it gives her the possibility to help other people, and she can do it whenever it fits her schedule.

Doua had the opportunity to help several Be My Eyes users and one of her favorite calls came from a couple, who needed help with reading a letter. Doua had a meeting to get to in 5 minutes but really wanted to help and managed to read a 3-page letter aloud to the couple. Their gratitude inspired her and made her want to keep answering calls no matter what situation she finds herself in.

In another situation, Doua assisted an elderly lady who lost her metro card. The woman was on her way to visit her granddaughter and accidently dropped her metro card on the floor and couldn’t find it. Finding the small object in a cluttered space was a challenge, but the two of them were successful and Doua was happy to ensure that the woman could be on her way.

We all deserve to be kind to one another.

Every time Doua has been able to help someone out through Be My Eyes, it has been extremely rewarding for her. It makes a great difference to her, because the people that she gets connected with are thankful and appreciative. As Doua reflects,

They were just so kind, and it makes YOU kind, it makes you patient … these people are just as thankful … We’re all humans, and we all deserve to be kind to one another.