Vote.org joins Be My Eyes to Support Visually Impaired Americans in 2020

Vote.org joins Be My Eyes to Support Visually Impaired Americans in 2020

One of the largest civic engagement nonprofits of its kind, Vote.org’s tools are now part of Be My Eyes Specialized Help, with nonpartisan Vote.org representatives on call to help blind and low-vision citizens register for the upcoming US Election by visiting Vote.org.
Text: "Are you registered to vote?"
Text: "Are you registered to vote?"

There are at least 26.9 million American adults with vision loss – a staggering 8% of the US population – and even though not all of them are “blind” (about 1 million), there are still many who need help filling out paper documents, accessing technology and completing  complex government forms.

That’s why, for the 2020 presidential election, Be My Eyes and Vote.org are teaming up – to make sure that for any American with a visual impairment, the process of registering and preparing to vote is as clear and accessible as possible.

Vote.org uses technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout and strengthen the ability for Americans to participate in their democratic system. At Be My Eyes we’re proud to help make one’s right to vote more accessible, and we hope to help make this election the most inclusive yet!

Vote.org's profile in the Be My Eyes app.

“We are so glad to be partnering with Be My Eyes, in order to make sure that any visually impaired American who wants to vote can, and that the process of registering and preparing to vote is as clear and accessible as possible,” said Vote.org CEO Andrea Hailey. “It’s critical we lower the barriers to political engagement, and simplify the voting process, whether by mail, voting early, or voting on Election Day. By making voting easier, and in turn, getting more people to vote, we create a stronger, more representative democracy.”

If you’re a blind or low-vision person in the US, you can connect with a Specialized Help agent on the Vote.org profile on Be My Eyes - just open the Be My Eyes app, enter the Specialized Help menu and select Vote.org from the list of available organizations (in the “Civic Engagement” category). It’s really that simple! Vote.org volunteers will be open to take your calls through Be My Eyes Monday through Friday 12pm to 4pm ET.

“As blind and low-vision people, we are underestimated and underrepresented every day of our lives,” says Will Butler, Be My Eyes’ VP of Community, “Voting in an election is our chance to change that. We may only turn out a few million strong, but in an election, that can make a big difference.”

Ballot being put in the ballot box. The Stars and Stripes is in the background.

Via the Be My Eyes app, Vote.org’s tools will help blind voters check if they are registered to vote, guide them through registering if they are not already, and provide information about voting by mail and COVID-19 guidelines specific to the voter’s state. In a time where social distancing is still a huge part of daily lives for all Americans, it’s more important than ever that everyone has a way to access all necessary information, to make sure that they are motivated and confident about voting come November.

Visually impaired users of Be My Eyes can call Vote.org for help accessing their tools starting today to make sure they’re all set and ready for November 3rd. Registration deadlines vary state-by-state, so be sure to reach out to get everything you need to vote using Be My Eyes Specialized Help today.