Rite Aid Becomes First Drug Store Chain to Join Be My Eyes
Jul 05, 2021, Rite Aid Becomes First Drug Store Chain to Join Be My Eyes

Rite Aid Becomes First Drug Store Chain to Join Be My Eyes

One of America’s leading drug store chains is now offering free visual support for blind and low-vision customers.
By Will Butler, Chief Experience Officer
Two smartphones showcasing the Rite Aid profile in the Be My Eyes app and a call in progress, along with the logos of Rite Aid and Be My Eyes.

From extended vaccination hours to no charge drive thru COVID-19 testing, Rite Aid has gone above and beyond to keep people safe and healthy to help bring an end to the pandemic. Rite Aid is adding Be My Eyes accessible video support for blind and low-vision customers.

Be My Eyes users anywhere in the United States can now locate Rite Aid in the “Personal Health” category in the Specialized Help section of the Be My Eyes app, making getting assistance from Rite Aid’s support team seamless. Be My Eyes’ signature visual support tools will allow Rite Aid agents to see through a visually impaired user’s camera, operate their flashlight, and magnify and read small print labels. All the blind or low-vision individual has to do is press the call button.

Now with dozens of Specialized Help providers across more than 150 countries, Be My Eyes is rapidly increasing access to tech support, blindness services and healthcare for its hundreds of thousands of blind and low-vision users around the world – closing an accessibility gap that has long existed in customer care. No longer will agents and callers alike have to be frustrated by the age-old question that blind customers are hard-pressed to answer: “can you describe the problem?”

Rite Aid’s team will assist callers with any visual task related to purchasing or understanding a Rite Aid product or service. That includes navigating Rite Aid’s website, identifying products, locating stores, and more.

Exterior of a Rite Aid store.

Be My Eyes is on a mission to connect our users with any type of support they may ever need, and making sure that our community has free and easy access to health information is a must. We’re thrilled that Rite Aid has joined us as our first chain drug store, and we can’t wait to see how peoples’ lives are improved by this new offering in the app. 

Rite Aid will be available in the Be My Eyes app Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.

Please note: Rite Aid’s video support team is only available to Be My Eyes users in the United States. Please do not contact Be My Eyes volunteers for questions regarding medications and health issues.