Be My Eyes Has a New Look

Be My Eyes Has a New Look

After more than 4.5 years of the original Be My Eyes logo, it was time for a change! We have introduced a refreshing new Be My Eyes logo as well as a vibrant new color scheme across all our platforms.
The new Be My Eyes logo in white on a blue background
The new Be My Eyes logo in white on a blue background

It all began on an afternoon in Kyoto, Japan in March 2019. Be My Eyes CEO, Christian Erfurt, was representing Be My Eyes with Founder, Hans Jørgen Wiberg. After a meeting, Christian stumbled upon a small boutique selling stamps. One specific stamp caught his attention, and he decided to bring it back to show the rest of the Be My Eyes team. This specific stamp served as the inspiration for our designers, who started working on a new fresh logo.

The stamp was very simple – just a group of lines of different lengths – but to me it clearly symbolized strength. Not the strength of one, but the strength of many, coming together from different places all around the world, in all shapes and sizes. A beautiful element in the Be My Eyes community is the dialogue across borders and cultures and we wanted an icon that represented that.

- Christian Erfurt, CEO at Be My Eyes.

More than 4.5 years since the launch of the Be My Eyes app, we definitely felt it was time for a change, and we’re happy to share our new and improved logo and brand colors with you. It’s the story of a growing global community and our constant effort to better Be Me Eyes for the benefit of our blind and low-vision users, volunteers and business partners from all over the world. Our original logo was designed when Be My Eyes was yet still an idea coming to life. Since then, the Be My Eyes Community has grown immensely and developed into what it is today. We’ve become a global community of more than 3 million people, and even though there’s been visual updates over the years, we’re now finally ready to introduce you to our latest version. This brand refresh includes a brand new logo, a vibrant new colour pallet and exciting new updates on our app, website and social media platforms.

You may catch the new logo in several color variations, like white on black or blue on white, but the main one will continue to be our classic white logo on a blue background. The logo itself consists of white pillars of different heights placed in a circle – sort of like the spokes of a wheel but the spokes are slightly different lengths. The spokes meet in the center around a circle of blue – our signature Be My Eyes blue which you’ll see highlighted around in the app and on social media.

What does it all mean? To be honest, we don’t know exactly – we mostly just think it looks cool – but we have some ideas.The new logo has some clear visual references to the human iris, and definitely also evokes the global, diverse and connected nature of our community. More than anything, we hope it tells a simple visual story about what Be Me Eyes is all about. We connect people who have never met, to support one another - simple as that. It’s despite our differences and physical locations we better each others’ lives across borders, cultures and attitudes about blindness and eyesight.

We want you to know that in all we do, we’re pushing the world to become a more accessible place for people with all kinds of vision loss. We hope you’ll welcome our new logo and find it representative of our ever-growing community! Thanks for being a part of this journey with us. We can’t wait for what’s next.