4 Million Volunteers Strong!

4 Million Volunteers Strong!

The Be My Eyes community grows stronger every day. The network of sighted volunteers offering visual assistance now consists of more than 4 million people from all over the world!
Two women celebrating by blowing and throwing gold confetti stars.
Two women celebrating by blowing and throwing gold confetti stars.

More than 4 million - that’s the amount of volunteers that the 235,000 blind and low-vision Be My Eyes users can connect with for visual assistance at any time of day through the app. 4 million people are a lot of people. That’s about the amount of people living in Los Angeles or the state of Oregon. At Be My Eyes, we are so grateful to have so many motivated individuals available at a moment’s notice - and we’re pretty sure the blind and low-vision users are as well!

We decided to celebrate our more than 4 million amazing volunteers by giving them the microphone. On our social media platforms we asked the volunteers to share their favourite things about being a Be My Eyes volunteer or their favourite Be My Eyes experience - and we got some pretty amazing responses!

Screenshot of the tweet by @becauza.

On Twitter, Tiffany Johnson Harwick, @HarwickJohnson, shared her favourite Be My Eyes experience: “My favourite call has been when I helped a woman place her garbage cans outside. We ended up talking about special education and accessibility for over an hour. She also showed me the beautiful area where she lives. I miss trees and green grass so much!” 

Another user, @becauza, also shared her favourite call on Twitter: “One of my favourite calls from @BeMyEyes was a man in Ireland hanging up a sign for his wife’s birthday. It’s awesome to connect to a stranger for a brief moment and always puts me in a great mood.” Instagram user @sujanareddy shared her own personal experience with temporary vision loss as her motivation for becoming a Be My Eyes volunteer. You can check out that story along with many others on the 4M volunteers highlight on our Instagram page.

We would love to hear what's your favourite thing about being a Be My Eyes volunteer! Just upload a video to you Instagram Story or a Tweet and make sure to tag us - @bemyeyesapp on Instagram and @BeMyEyes on Twitter! 

Thank you all so much for being a part of our amazing community!